Kinetic Tae Kwon-Do was started in July 2009 by Andy and Jackie Taylor with the sole purpose to provide all students with high quality, professional tuition in a pleasant and friendly environment. All our Instructors are registered with the BTC (UK's governing body for TKD) via the UK ITF, thus fully insured, CRB (enhanced) verified and first aid qualified.

Kinetic Taekwon-Do proudly joined Hogan's Institute of Taekwon-Do in 2011 where we teach traditional ITF Taekwon-Do under the guidance of Master Jim Hogan, an eighth degree black belt and internationally renowned instructor and coach.

Master Hogan achieved considerable competition success in his own right and has gone on to coach many other champions and to help hundreds of others gain their black belts by training well and training hard.  We continue to strictly follow this simple approach.  We aim to provide the best quality instruction and to practice and train hard to help all of our members to be the best that they can in the great martial art of Taekwon-Do.  But it’s more than just hard training (as though that’s not enough!), it’s also about respect and encouragement … training and learning in a challenging, yet safe and enjoyable environment regardless of you age and ability.  Our members range from children and teenagers through to adults (some in their ‘late middle age’) and whole families - all working hard and helping each other to achieve their goals, be they competition success, gaining their black belts or just being able to kick above their waist!

So, if you think you might benefit from a new mental and physical challenge by learning an effective and possible life-saving self-defence art, then please come along to one of our clubs and meet and train with us - you'll be very welcome.


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